Section 4 The Interview

Searching for the Unicorn

Lets face it, the majority of time is spent in product development, creative deliverables, content and more. Your in the grind, your brain is firing. At the end of the day at 5PM (maybe 7 for many of us), you probably have had your head down producing. Many do multiple tasks in many different departments such as design and develop. That means they can design a digital product and develop it. Many companies fear these types of people, some pay them the big buck, calling them The Unicorn Type. However, in a recent poll (for Digital and Computer Arts) showed that many do actually touch design and code in a single day. Maybe these extraordinary people aren't so rare. In this section, we explore the in's and out's of talented folks that can code, design and be fearless doing it. The following questions below are to inspire you to write details regarding your personal journey and the lessons you learned along the way. You do not need to answer all of the questions. (See hints or instructions if needed below).

This first set of questions are just so that we know the authorship of the interview. Please answer to the best of your ability (all if you can for this section). 

This set of questions is optional, but helps in framing your story and is highly recommended for filling out.

This next set of questions asks you to describe a bit about what you do, your talents, what your working on and how you learned to code and design, in addition to the "Unicorn philosophies". Remember, you don't have to answer all of these questions.

Thank you for taking part in this project! Your submission has been received and is now stored in our database. During the next couple weeks we will edit your interview, create a profile for you to be inserted on both the homepage digitally and inside the book. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
Make sure to watch for the publication to go live Aug 2018
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Interview Instructions

Details are we looking for:
We are looking for how designers work with developers and how developers work with designers - there is a symbolic nature in this relationship and we are fascinated by it. We want to hear about the things you screwed up on or the things that maybe you wished you handled differently. We want insights on the tools you use and what you found worked best when you launched your product or service.
Instructions if your stuck:
Above is a series of questions pertaining a section in the upcoming E-Book, "It's Creative and Works.". Only answer the questions that you see pertain to your career, product or situation. Again, you don't have to answer all of questions if you don't want too, however the more you answer the better the interview and the better the book will be.

What is in it for me

This opportunity will not be paid. Your piece (may) become published and you will not receive royalties. This is an unpaid solicitation (simply because we can't afford it). In return you will receive a digital edition of the book for free (of course) and your name, company's name and a link of your choosing in both the virtual landing page (website) and inside the book (twice - before your story and in the credits in the back of the book).

More Hints on creating a successful interview

Not all interviews will be chosen for the book. In order for your piece to secure a position we looking for the following attributes.

Things you can mention

Launch Days and building Products

Starting New Projects and collaborating within your network

Quitting your Day Job

Things on your white board or topics your talk about through Google Hangout

When Your Market Tanks, or Grows

Design first, develop later techniques.

Develop first, design later techniques.

Where you found your co-founder and how those first talks occurred.

Project Fails - (Big topic here)

Co-founding a small, indie product verses a large VC backed enterprise. 

How you kept the co-founder relationship intact for the long haul.

What school didn't teach you

Your first customers

Technical verses non-technical co-founders

Things to Stay Away From

VC Funding - you can touch on this, but don't go into detail (unless it’s
a huge part of your story)

Specific financial and technical numbers - best tip, round up or down (we don't care if 566,364 people
precisely paid for your services)

Client bashing - no names

People Bashing - No Names

Overly bragging

Lines like, "The world is ending and we are all going to die" - don't be so depressing.

Lies - you can expand the truth but please be as honest as possible. 

Fighting for payment later. This is entirely voluntary, and there is a small chance that your piece might not be chosen for the book. In addition, we can not afford compensation you - this is an experiment to better the industry. You agree that by submitting your piece, you do so knowing the requirements and because you want to give back to your industry. You cannot come back and sue us later. We also agree that we will not make structural changes to your entry besides as-needed proof-reading and spelling changes.