About This ProjectIt's Creative and Works

Taping into the power of the Creative Mind

This project is part of the Digital and Computer Arts Alliance. We had an extraordinary opportunity to talk with over 100 individuals during the interviews that were conducted in the print editions of the Digital and Computer Arts Magazine (DACAMag). We are now scaling this effort and trying to talk with as many as possible; including yourself and publishing this endeavor in an E-Book

Above: Past Digital and Computer Arts Publications (2015-2016)
Below: Past Interviews with Designers for DACAMag "18 Designprenurs that Changed the Game"

"Designers are highly trained and unique individuals, that rarely give themselves enough credit."

"...Creators wield a lot more power than we give ourselves credit for. Our way of approaching and solving problems, bringing to life creative ideas and innovating across all types of mediums has also transformed. We have the tools, we have the capacity, and today we are faster than ever, shipping ideas through the Internet with a few lines of code and a great logo. Creatives stir the pot. Our collective opportunity to move minds has never been greater. Digital Computer Arts (DCA) has started this journey in 2014 publishing "Harnessing the power of the Internet to digitally publish these articles that inspired over a million readers.

Calling all Designers, Founders and Developers

No, we don't need a new social-network app, api or server side request. We don't need any pixels designed or PHP injected. We need your stories. We are looking for over 100 short tales about how you started your career or launched your product with others. These could be featured in the upcoming ebook, "It's Creative and Works".