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The art of Creative Product Making.

An in-depth look into technology based creative teams, how they think, work and launch new products.

Curated Interviews and Authored by the makers of Digital Computer Arts Association

Behind the scenes of Designers and Developers working together. 

We are currently interviewing over 100 people, collecting stories regarding to how Designers and Developers get along, build products, work within an agency or technology firm and more. We are finding that their responses are both technical and high-level and present multiple case studies for the different ways to starting a creative business, launching a well-designed product, or jump-starting a career.

Projects today demand a symbiotic relationship between the team. The secret of almost all of our creators success is either being able to develop their project themselves OR find a developer that is fully compatible with their style. The secret to developers' success is either having an eye for design or finding someone that does.

We are helping you uncover that the secrets of building a great product starts with building a great team. We help you learn through

Presenting a collection of Interviews addressing these topics:

Inside the different characteristic between Designers and Developers

Different cognitive biases between the two types of people.

Understanding co-founder roles, and why you might not need a co-founder at all

Remote co-founder and tools to make communication easier

Technical stories on how to divide up work and tools to help you execute.

Design first, develop later techniques.

Develop first, design later techniques.

Co-founder scenarios (like, we're co-founders and also married).

Launching your product together and surviving the weeks after.

Co-founding a small, indie product verses a large VC backed enterprise. What your team can handle.

How to keep the co-founder relationship intact for the long haul.

Calling all Designers, Founders and Developers

No, we don't need a new social-network app, api or server side request. We don't need any pixels designed or PHP injected. We need your stories. We are looking for over 100 short tales about how you started your career or launched your product with others. These could be featured in the upcoming ebook, "It's Creative and Works".